Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello my name is Tony. this is not a blog about me entirely but a blog about other cool things i have found on the Internet, first off i play Runescape, WoW and am a Final fantasy fan boy, I also make youtube videos about Runescape wow and other video gaming things. My Runescape name is Smurphee14 and My wow name/server is Lightninghoof and i play on a number of guys ,,,Killdimclock, Healdimclock, valyforge, Vidofnirr, Lazard...

       I use a site called, it is a site that you do surveys to get points and buy stuff on Amazon.

      I also would like to post my youtube account and maybe increase my videos popularity :D i think the videos are pretty good, i made 3 more that i have yet to upload though.

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