Saturday, September 4, 2010

Points2shop buthurt

Hi, so i think points2shop doesnt allow refering from blogs, i guess when i posted my referal link they got butt hurt but its whatever. that made me look for a better site, and i found one. i made $6 the first hour i joined (plus other amount in prizes).... i looked but idk where the referal links are... just put tonyr1029 as a referal...

Friday, September 3, 2010

What do

Ive decided to use this blog to focus on Some different RPGS , other VG and MMORPGS.I am uploading 3 new videos to my Youtube account that Shows how to make your own 2d RPG, friends or random people can also play with you on it, or help you with it.

Everything in this blog is not goign to be something that you might want to do (runescape hacks/bots for example) but im not doing Wow bots or mods, thats just dumb :O

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello my name is Tony. this is not a blog about me entirely but a blog about other cool things i have found on the Internet, first off i play Runescape, WoW and am a Final fantasy fan boy, I also make youtube videos about Runescape wow and other video gaming things. My Runescape name is Smurphee14 and My wow name/server is Lightninghoof and i play on a number of guys ,,,Killdimclock, Healdimclock, valyforge, Vidofnirr, Lazard...

       I use a site called, it is a site that you do surveys to get points and buy stuff on Amazon.

      I also would like to post my youtube account and maybe increase my videos popularity :D i think the videos are pretty good, i made 3 more that i have yet to upload though.